FA Processes & ICT

This Focus Area has been launched in October 2005.

FA Processes & ICT

The scope of the Focus Area Processes & ICT (FA PICT) is to position, develop and lead to the future execution of an appropriate actions agenda covering items related to processes optimisation, extended products and future services for home, buildings, underground constructions and networks, and the appropriate development and deployment of ICT to support these items.

This Focus Area is to be developed in tight connection with the ECTP SRA. The objective of this SRA is to formalise the way to meet the ECTP vision 2030. Already, some challenges have been identified that address directly new process models and ICT issues (e.g. new design/collaborative tools). But there are also challenges for which FA PICT should provide a significant help by providing innovative solutions that underpin the future of Construction business and operational processes (e.g. ambient assisted living for disabled or ageing people, embedded sensors for positive energy building, etc.). The essential challenge and expected impact is the development of innovative businesses and application concepts improving existing working processes or leading to new ones, and based on advanced innovative knowledge-based ICT instruments to be introduced in a fully integrated way so as to support these processes. The final aim is to improve the efficiency of the construction sector, to better manage risks and to increase competitiveness.

This FA is organised in four subgroups that are working on four central themes:

  • Process: process integration and global optimisation
  • Product: smart construction and embedded systems
  • Project: communication and cooperation in construction processes
  • Enterprise: knowledge and information engineering, access and sharing for construction and capital facilities management

If you are interested in participating or if you want more information, please contact Mr Jeremy Watson from UCL.